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Pac-Mania technical data

Name Pac-Mania
System Genesis - Mega Drive
Year 1991
Developer Namco Limited
Genre Arcade

Pac-Mania is a popular arcade puzzle and maze game published by Namco in 1987 and later ported to the Sega Genesis Mega Drive in 1988. The game stars the classic Pac-Man, who must move around a grid of dots, power pellets, and enemies. The player can choose from three different courses: Maze, Y-maze and Nevada Desert. Each course presents unique hazards, as well as hidden items that can help Pac-Man on his journey.

The objective of Pac-Mania is for the player to move through each grid of dots, power pellets and monsters in order to complete the levels. Power pellets will give players temporary invincibility against any monster that touches him or her during this time. If all pellet mazes are cleared without being caught by the ghosts then bonus points are awarded at the end of the level. In addition to completing levels, players may also pick up extra lives while they explore each stage and they can find bonus symbols in certain locations which will enable them to achieve high scores.

The monsters chasing Pac-Mania have their own personalities; these include Blinky the red monster whose speed increases after eating a power pellet; Pinky whose speed decreases then returns to normal once it eats a power pellet; Inky's pathfinding strategies increase when it has eaten a power pellet; and Clyde who is depicted as being stupid in comparison to other monsters - he usually runs away from Pac Man rather than towards him after he has eaten a power pill. All ghosts may change direction instantly depending on how close Pac-Man is to them on screen so staying alert & constantly hoping ahead should ensure that gamers don't get caught by surprise!

Pac-Mania also introduces several additional mechanics, such as super jumps which allow players to access unreachable areas quicker than before. These jumps can be done by pressing down twice consecutively on the D pad, which gives gamers more scope when it comes locating hidden items around each stage - many times confusing pathways can suddenly become clear with just one jump! Additionally there's also a vertical slide feature - pressing left or right on the d pad twice consecutively allows gamers to alternate between horizontal & vertical slides while avoiding enemies& picking up bonus items! Lastly there are trails left behind pacman when running at top speed - these enable payers too use extra long slides which often cross large segments of each stage quickly & efficiently affording them precious seconds & bonus scores!

Pac Mania has remained extremely popular due to its fast paced gameplay & memorable soundtrack featuring catchy 8bit renditions of classic 80s tracks adding plenty character & charm too its already illustrious brand recognition built over decades prior – sure it’s not an overly complex game compared too contemporary puzzlers however it still provides hundreds hours entertainment comparable too no other!

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