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Cosmic Spacehead technical data

Name Cosmic Spacehead
System Game Gear
Year 1993
Developer Codemasters
Genre Action

Cosmic Spacehead is a Sega Game Gear game released in 1992. It was developed and published by Codemasters. The game follows the story of an alien named Cosmic who has crash-landed on Earth and must explore the planet to find his missing ship parts.

The game is set in a two-dimensional side-scrolling environment where players control Cosmic as he explores various areas of the planet. The goal of each level is to collect all of the missing ship parts and return them to Cosmic's ship, which will then allow him to take off and complete his mission. Along the way, players will have to interact with NPCs and solve puzzles in order to progress further into the game.

Cosmic Spacehead features a number of different environments such as forests, deserts, cities and more. Each environment has its own unique set of obstacles and enemies that must be overcome in order for players to progress further into the game. Cosmic also has access to various items that can be used throughout his journey such as a jetpack, bombs, dynamite and more. Players will also need to make sure they collect enough energy capsules in order for Cosmic's jetpack or other items to function properly.

The game's graphics are fairly rudimentary but still manage to convey a sense of charm with their cartoonish visuals and vibrant colors. The soundtrack is also fittingly catchy with its upbeat tunes adding an extra layer of fun while playing through the levels.

Overall, Cosmic Spacehead is an enjoyable title that offers up plenty of exploration-based gameplay as well as some light puzzle solving elements throughout its levels. It may not be particularly challenging but it certainly makes for a pleasant experience overall with its colorful visuals and catchy soundtracks making it quite easy on the eyes and ears respectively.

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