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Cliffhanger technical data

Name Cliffhanger
System Game Gear
Year 1993
Developer Spidersoft Limited
Genre Action

Cliffhanger is a 1993 game developed by Sega for their Game Gear handheld console. The game follows the adventures of John "Linesman" Rallison, an adventurer and mountain climber who is tasked with rescuing hostages from the evil Dr. Muckley in the Himalayas. Players take control of John as he traverses treacherous terrain, fights off enemies, and solves puzzles in his quest to save the hostages.

The game is presented in a side-scrolling platformer style and features five different levels set on various mountainsides. Each level contains a variety of obstacles such as rocks, ice walls, cliffs, and crevices that John must navigate through in order to reach his goal. Additionally, there are various enemies including snow leopards, Yetis, and mummies that will attack John if he gets too close to them. It is up to the player to use their wits and agility to dodge these foes while progressing through each level.

John has several moves available to him during his adventure including jumping over obstacles or onto ledges as well as using his grappling hook to swing from one platform to another or climb up walls. He can also use special items such as bombs or dynamite which can be used to clear away certain obstacles or defeat enemies respectively. Furthermore, there are bonus items located throughout each level that grant extra points when collected by John.

As John progresses through each level he will face more difficult challenges such as stronger enemies or more complex puzzles which require quick thinking and precise timing on the part of the player in order to overcome them successfully. Once all of the hostages have been rescued from each location they will thank John for saving them before he moves on to the next stage where new dangers await him.

Overall Cliffhanger provides a fun and challenging experience for players of all ages with its varied levels full of obstacles and enemies as well as its intuitive controls that allow for smooth movement across each stage. With its vibrant graphics, catchy soundtrack, and exciting gameplay Cliffhanger is sure to provide hours of entertainment for those looking for an engaging platformer experience on their Game Gear console.

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