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Chicago Syndicate technical data

Name Chicago Syndicate
System Game Gear
Year 1995
Developer Sega
Genre Fighting

Chicago Syndicate is a Sega Game Gear game released in 1994. It is an action-adventure game set in the 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago, where you take on the role of a mob boss. The goal of the game is to build up your gang and take over the city by controlling its various businesses and rackets. You will be able to hire thugs, buy weapons, and bribe police officers to help you gain control of the city.

The game features three main areas: Downtown Chicago, Northside, and Southside. You can move your gang around these areas to conduct business or fight rival gangs. Each area has different types of businesses that you can purchase or extort money from, as well as other objectives such as taking over liquor stores or brothels. In addition to buying and selling goods, you will also have to deal with corrupt politicians and cops who will try to shut down your operations.

You will also need to manage your gang members’ stats such as strength, speed, intelligence, and loyalty. These stats can be improved by visiting training facilities or spending money on upgrades for your gang’s equipment. As you progress through the game, you will also gain access to additional weapons such as machine guns and dynamite which can be used against rival gangs or law enforcement officers who are trying to stop your operations.

The graphics in Chicago Syndicate are quite basic but still capture the atmosphere of the era quite well. The sound effects are also effective at setting a moody tone for each area of the game world. The gameplay is straightforward but still challenging enough that it requires some strategic thinking in order to succeed at building up your gang’s power base and taking over Chicago’s criminal underworld.

Overall, Chicago Syndicate is an entertaining action-adventure game set in a unique setting that provides plenty of challenge for players who want a taste of life in 1920s Prohibition-era America. With its engaging story line and varied objectives, this Game Gear title should provide plenty of enjoyment for players looking for an immersive experience in organized crime during this period of American history.

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