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Chase H.Q. technical data

Name Chase H.Q.
System Game Gear
Year 1991
Developer Taito Corporation
Genre Racing

Chase H.Q. is a Sega Game Gear title developed by Taito Corporation in 1990. The game puts players in the role of an undercover police officer, out to stop a notorious criminal organization known as "The Syndicate". The player has to complete various missions, such as chasing down and apprehending criminals, rescuing hostages, and destroying criminal hideouts.

The gameplay of Chase H.Q. consists of two main components: driving and shooting. While driving, the player must navigate through winding roads while avoiding obstacles such as trees and other vehicles, all while collecting power-ups which can help them along the way. Meanwhile, during shooting segments, the player must shoot at oncoming enemies with their gun or missiles in order to progress further into the level.

The graphics in Chase H.Q. are quite impressive for its time period; roads are well-defined and detailed with colorful backgrounds that change depending on the environment you’re currently in (such as a cityscape or desert). Enemies also have distinct designs that give them a unique look compared to other games of its era.

The sound design is also quite good; it features upbeat music that fits perfectly with the game’s fast-paced action sequences and sound effects that add to the intensity of each mission (such as gunfire or explosions).

Overall, Chase H.Q. is an enjoyable game that still holds up today due to its entertaining gameplay and great visuals/audio design for its time period; it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for some classic Sega Game Gear gaming fun!

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