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Championship Hockey technical data

Name Championship Hockey
System Game Gear
Year 1992
Developer Electronic Arts
Genre Action

Championship Hockey for Sega Game Gear is a fast-paced sports game that offers two different game modes. The first mode is the Exhibition Mode, which allows players to pick their team and play against either a computer opponent or another player. Players can choose from eight teams, including the USA, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Japan. Each team has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that make them stand out from the others. Once a team is chosen they will be presented with a full roster of players who have different stats such as speed, agility and strength.

The second mode available in Championship Hockey is Tournament Mode. In this mode players can play through a tournament bracket with up to eight teams competing for the championship title. Players must win each round in order to advance to the next one until they reach the finals and face off against their toughest opponent yet: the CPU-controlled National Team. To make things even more exciting, each round has its own unique set of rules such as how many goals must be scored before overtime or sudden death occurs.

The game also features several additional options such as difficulty levels and control settings that allow players to customize their experience based on their skill level or preference. Additionally, there are bonus rounds that give an extra challenge by providing bonus points when certain conditions are met during gameplay.

Overall Championship Hockey for Sega Game Gear is an enjoyable sports game that provides hours of entertainment with its fast-paced action and multiple game modes. With its simple controls and easy to understand gameplay this game makes it easy for anyone to jump right in and start having fun right away!

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