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Bubble Bobble technical data

Name Bubble Bobble
System Game Gear
Year 1994
Developer Taito Corporation
Genre Action

Bubble Bobble is a classic arcade game developed and published by Taito in 1986. The game was later ported to many other platforms, including the Sega Game Gear. In the game, two dragons named Bub and Bob must traverse 100 levels while trapping enemies in bubbles and bursting them to defeat them.

The objective of Bubble Bobble is for players to traverse through each level and defeat all of the enemies present in order to progress to the next level. To do this, players must maneuver their dragons around the screen while trapping enemies in bubbles with their breath. Once an enemy is trapped, players can then burst the bubble by either running into it or firing a fire ball at it. Doing so will cause any items contained within the bubble, such as fruits or power-ups, to fall onto the ground for collection. If a player manages to trap two or more enemies inside bubbles of different colors, they will combine together into a larger bubble that contains higher value items.

In addition to defeating enemies, players must also collect special items scattered throughout each level that provide additional points when collected. These include fruits, letters spelling out "EXTEND", and power-ups such as 1-Ups or speed boosts. Collecting all of these items will allow players to gain extra lives which can be used when they die in-game.

The game also features two different endings depending on how long it takes players to complete each level. If a player completes all 100 levels within one hour they will receive a good ending where they are transformed back into humans; if it takes longer than one hour then they will receive a bad ending where they remain stuck as dragons forever.

Bubble Bobble has remained popular since its release due its simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics and its colorful visuals and sound effects which make it enjoyable for both young and old gamers alike. The port for Sega Game Gear retains most of the original’s content with some minor changes such as fewer levels (50 instead of 100) but otherwise remains faithful to its source material making it an excellent way for fans of this classic title to experience it on-the-go!

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