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Arch Rivals technical data

Name Arch Rivals
System Game Gear
Year 1992
Developer Midway Games
Genre Sports

Arch Rivals is a Sega Game Gear game that was released in 1992. It is a basketball game that puts the player in control of two teams of five players each. The goal of the game is to outscore your opponent and win the match.

The game features a wide variety of moves, including jump shots, dunks, layups, and alley-oops. Players can also set picks to help their teammates get open for a shot or steal the ball from an opposing player. The controls are simple and intuitive, allowing even novice players to pick up and play quickly.

The graphics are colorful and vibrant, with detailed sprites for each character and team jersey designs based on real-life NBA teams. The sound effects are also quite realistic and add to the atmosphere of intense competition. There are several different modes available for play, including exhibition matches, tournaments, and playoffs. Players can also customize their teams with different color schemes and names before playing against opponents or the computer AI.

Arch Rivals offers an exciting experience for basketball fans who want to test their skills against other players or just have some fun playing a fast paced sports game on their Game Gear console. It may not be as deep or sophisticated as some modern basketball sims but it still provides plenty of entertainment value thanks to its solid gameplay mechanics and great visuals.

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