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Super Buster Bros. technical data

Name Super Buster Bros.
System Super Nintendo
Year 1992
Developer Capcom Co., Ltd.
Genre Shooter

Super Buster Bros. is a 2D side-scrolling platformer video game developed by Mitchell Corporation and released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game is the sequel to the arcade game, Super Pang, and was one of the first games released in North America for the SNES.

The main objective of Super Buster Bros. is to defeat enemies by shooting them with bubbles. The player controls either Bobby or Billy, two brothers who have to travel through five different levels set in various locations, such as a forest, an ice world and a desert. Each level consists of three stages, where the player has to defeat all enemies before proceeding to the next stage. The player can shoot bubbles from their bubble gun at enemies and other objects on the screen. If three bubbles of the same color are connected together they will burst and any enemy caught inside will be defeated. The player can also collect power-ups which grant them special abilities, such as increased firepower or invincibility.

In addition to shooting bubbles at enemies, each level contains bonus stages where players must complete tasks such as collecting coins or defeating bosses before proceeding to the next stage. At the end of each level there is a boss battle against a large monster that must be defeated before progressing any further in the game. If defeated successfully, players are rewarded with extra lives and bonus points.

Super Buster Bros also features two-player cooperative gameplay where both players control Bobby and Billy simultaneously with one controller each. This allows them to work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies more quickly than if playing alone. Additionally, both players can work together to reach higher scores by combining their efforts in defeating enemies and collecting power-ups throughout each stage.

Overall Super Buster Bros offers an exciting experience for fans of classic platformers with its vibrant graphics, challenging levels and cooperative gameplay mode which makes it great fun for friends or family members when played together on one console. Its simple but effective gameplay mechanics make it easy to pick up yet difficult enough for experienced gamers so everyone can enjoy this classic title from yesteryear!

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