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Donkey Kong Country technical data

Name Donkey Kong Country
System Super Nintendo
Year 1994
Developer Rare, Ltd.
Genre Action

Donkey Kong Country is a side-scrolling platform video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was released in November 1994, and later re-released on Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. The game stars Donkey Kong and his buddy Diddy Kong as they travel across Donkey Kong Island to reclaim their stolen banana hoard from King K. Rool and the Kremlings.

Donkey Kong Country - Title Screen

The game has a unique art style, with pre-rendered 3D graphics that give it a distinctive look. The gameplay follows the traditional platformer formula of running, jumping, collecting items, defeating enemies, and completing levels. The player can switch between Donkey Kong and Diddy at any time; each character has different abilities which must be used together to progress through the levels. In addition to traditional platforming levels, there are underwater levels where the player must dodge enemies while swimming, mine cart levels where the player must avoid obstacles while riding a mine cart down rails, and bonus stages where players can collect extra lives or bananas.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country

In addition to its single-player mode, Donkey Kong Country features an exclusive two-player cooperative mode where two players can play together on one console. This mode requires both players to work together in order to complete levels; one player controls Donkey Kong while the other controls Diddy. Players can also compete against each other in timed races or battle each other using special items found throughout the game.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country received critical acclaim upon release for its visuals, gameplay, level design, audio composition, soundtrack and cooperative multiplayer mode. It was one of the best selling SNES games of all time with over 9 million copies sold worldwide; it was also ported to various systems such as Game Boy Color and Wii U Virtual Console. To this day it remains one of the most beloved games in Nintendo’s library of titles due to its charming characters, tight controls and challenging but rewarding gameplay loop that kept gamers coming back for more even after all these years since its original release.

Donkey Kong Country

What is Donkey Kong Country?

Donkey Kong Country is a platform game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). It was released in 1994 and is known for its groundbreaking pre-rendered 3D graphics. The game follows Donkey Kong and his nephew Diddy Kong as they attempt to recover their stolen banana hoard from the evil King K. Rool.

How do I control Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong?

You control Donkey Kong using the SNES controller. Press left or right on the directional pad to move him in that direction. The A button is used for jumping, and the Y button is used for rolling and ground pounding. You can also pick up and throw barrels and other objects. Diddy Kong can be switched to by pressing the Select button and has similar controls.

What are the KONG letters?

Each level in Donkey Kong Country contains hidden KONG letters. Collecting all the letters in a level spells out the word 'KONG.' Finding all the KONG letters in a world unlocks a bonus level. These letters are often well-hidden and require exploration to discover.

Are there animal buddies in Donkey Kong Country?

Yes, Donkey Kong Country features animal buddies that assist Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on their adventure. These animal friends include Rambi the Rhino, Enguarde the Swordfish, Winky the Frog, Expresso the Ostrich, and Squawks the Parrot. Each animal buddy provides unique abilities.

How do I defeat enemies and bosses?

You can defeat enemies by jumping on them or using various objects like barrels. Some enemies require specific strategies to defeat, such as using barrels to hit them from a distance. Bosses typically have patterns that you need to learn to defeat them. Observing their movements is key to success.

Can I save my progress in Donkey Kong Country?

Donkey Kong Country features a save system called Candy's Save Point. You can save your game at certain locations marked by Candy Kong's Save Barrels. This allows you to continue your adventure from where you left off.

What are the mine cart and animal buddy levels?

Donkey Kong Country includes exciting mine cart levels where you ride a mine cart through hazardous tracks. These levels require quick reflexes and timing. Animal buddy levels are special levels where you control an animal friend with unique abilities. Each animal buddy provides a different gameplay experience.

Are there secrets or bonus levels?

Yes, Donkey Kong Country is known for its hidden secrets and bonus levels. Many levels contain secret areas, bonus barrels, and hidden pathways. Finding these secrets can lead to valuable rewards, including extra lives and banana coins.

Can I play with a second player?

Yes, Donkey Kong Country features a two-player cooperative mode. The second player can control Diddy Kong and join the adventure alongside Donkey Kong. Both players take turns playing levels and can collaborate to find secrets.

Is there a final boss in Donkey Kong Country?

Yes, the final boss of Donkey Kong Country is King K. Rool. To defeat him, you must hit him with barrels multiple times while avoiding his attacks. The battle takes place on a pirate ship, and timing and strategy are crucial to victory.

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