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Micro Machines technical data

Name Micro Machines
System NES
Year 1991
Developer Codemasters
Genre Racing

Micro Machines is a classic racing video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was developed and published by Codemasters in 1991. The game features a variety of miniature cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, planes and helicopters that compete against each other in races across different terrains. Players can choose from a variety of vehicles, each with its own unique characteristics and performance.

The main objective of the game is to race against other players or computer-controlled opponents on various tracks. Players must complete three laps around the track in order to win the race. The courses are filled with obstacles such as ramps, jumps and water hazards that make it harder for players to finish first. Additionally, there are various power-ups scattered throughout the course which can be used to give players an edge over their opponents.

The game features four different modes: Race, Practice, Time Trial and Battle Mode. In Race mode, up to four players can compete against each other on one of nine different tracks. In Practice mode, players can practice driving around any of the tracks without having to worry about competing against other drivers or timing their laps. Time Trial mode allows players to race against the clock in order to set new records. Finally, Battle Mode pits two teams of two cars against each other in an all-out battle for supremacy on a number of specially designed battle arenas.

In addition to its single player modes, Micro Machines also features a multiplayer mode where up to four people can take part in races at once using split screen technology. This makes it perfect for family gaming nights or parties with friends! The game also supports link cable play between two consoles which allows two players from separate systems to compete against each other via modem connection or null modem cable connection (using specific hardware).

Overall Micro Machines is a great racing title that still holds up today due its simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics and vibrant graphics for its time period. Its ability to support both single player as well as multiplayer modes makes it an ideal choice for parties or casual gaming sessions with friends or family members alike!

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